“The catering made the party a smashing success!  Loida’s parties are always the best”

Julie M.
The Vail Chef doing a Taste Catering

Catering In Vail, Colorado

You want your party to be perfect.  Every tiny flaw will show up as a glaring fault.  Imagine how you’ll feel when your friends rave about your flawless execution as Hostess of unique, memorable experiences.

Food is especially important for any event and it’s often the central focus of certain theme gatherings such as Tasting Parties, Wine Pairings and In-Home Cooking Classes.  If the food fails at these types of events, you can consider the event a failure.

That’s why Loida is on a personal mission to give you the best vail catering experience you’ve ever had.  She puts her unique personality into every interaction with the Food, Guests, Venue and the Event as a Whole.  She integrates and balances these elements to create a Unified, Unique Experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Your Full-Service Private Home Chef in Vail, Colorado

We take care of all your culinary cuisine concerns.  When it comes to you, your guests and your family eating hot, healthy, wholesome meals at times that work for you, we’ve got you covered.  Imagine fine dining in the comfort of your own home, without having to wait for fresh water and deal with bad service.  With a freelance chef, you are the only table in your own fine dining establishment.  A Vacation Chef is an often overlooked alternative to dealing with crowds.  We also come in handy for Celebrities.

Whether you’re throwing a unique event you want your friends to rave about for years or you want a gourmet meal with the family at home a few times a week, we’re here for you.  Give us a call and we’ll explore all the ways we can enable you to empower your eating habits.

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