Variety of food - catering

The success of an event will depend almost entirely on how much your guests enjoy themselves, and one of the best ways to ensure that all guests have a great time is to use a professional catering company. Caterers are not just about food, but they are all about service. Choosing a caterer doesn’t need to be difficult, and it won’t be when you use our handy tips.

Create Your Shortlist of Catering Companies

Narrow down your list of choices to a select few, which you can find by talking to friends, family, and co-workers. Online directories can also provide heaps of ideas, and the reviews can make your selection a lot easier.

Check out The Base of Operations

You can tell a lot about a catering company by visiting their premises. Things to look out for are their level of cleanliness and the professional conduct of the staff If the kitchen is in disarray, and the staff doesn’t appear to take any pride in their work, then you can safely scratch the business off your list.Catering layout

Menu Variety

Many catering companies are specialists in a particular type of menu so not all will be suitable for your type of event.


Events can fall over and fail if the catering company doesn’t have enough staff to cater to all of your guests, so make sure you check that there will be enough staff available for the time you want to host your event – and then get it in writing.

Menu Tastings

Once you settle on your short-list, you will want to conduct a taste test of the foods your catering company has on offer. It’s preferable to have a group of people involved in the tasting, so you know that your preferences won’t bias the choice.

Finding the perfect catering company can be a challenge, but if you approach your search with a well laid out plan, your event or dinner party will be sure to be a memorable one all your guests will enjoy.