ad hoc at home Cookbook by Thomas Keller
Book signing at Williams-Sonoma in Santa Monica
What a priviledge to meet the Chef behind the famous restaurant in Napa Valley called “French Laundry”. In 2003, I wrote a letter to Thomas Keller introducing myself and asking him if I could tour his kitchen. I was an apprentice at Common Grill restaurant at the time just starting my career in culinary. “This is only a dream to work for someone like yourself”, I had written in my letter. He replied back to tell me that it would be an honor to have me come to his restaurant.
This year Thomas Keller lost his father. Most of the recipes in this cookbook he ate with his father at his restaurant ad hoc. “It is so important to have relationships”, he said. He inscripted my book, “It’s all about the family.” He is not only a chef that I aspire to become, but one that I can relate to.